The Principals

Our team is led by David Horton and Noel Bonnick who both have wide-ranging CVs having worked in Australia and overseas.

They both have extensive experience in global market places with much time spent across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Current interests remain in India and China, and Singapore and Malaysia. We believe the relationships developed overseas will be greatly beneficial in the future, and provide interesting cross-border opportunities moving forward.

David Horton

David commenced his career in finance in the UK after being ‘hooked’ on watching stock markets as a teenager.

He is a former investment banker with corporate and treasury trading experience (forex, interest rates and derivatives) and has extensive experience training in this area.

His international banking career saw him in trading environments in most major financial centres around the world, and he has more recently been involved in consulting to Financial organisations in India and China.

His business background has covered several diverse industries and, as a coach & mentor, thrives on the challenge to assist you to grow your business to greater success.

David is a qualified trainer and public speaker, and has, over recent years, been a quoted analyst in finance and global markets in the broader media.


Noel Bonnick

Noel comes from an engineering background in the Alumina and Oil & Gas sectors; two decades ago he left his career to start up his own engineering consultancy which he built to be the largest of its type in the Asia Pacific region.

His company successfully won contracts in the Middle East and Asia, where he has a significant contact base.

A passionate student of business, during the last decade, Noel has been responsible for the establishment of several other successful businesses.

Last year he stepped out of those businesses, establishing The Horking Group, to focus on his passion for helping others succeed, ensuring they grasp the essentials to create a solid and profitable business.

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