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We all have great (or even brilliant) ideas for a new business from time to time; or, perhaps, just the desire to be the master of our own destiny and own a business of our own. But, as the statistics clearly show, the transition from a good idea to a successful business can be very hard to achieve, particularly if you have no experience in what is required to make it happen.

The owners of Horking have both had a lot of experience at starting up successful business start-ups and learnt a lot over their decades in business on what to do, and what not to do; and, believe us, we have learnt from plenty of mistakes along the way !

That is why we are so passionate about helping others to get it right from the start - avoiding the pitfalls and making as few mistakes as possible - and creating your dream business.

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The Horking process

Based on our experience we have developed a detailed start up process check list and can help you with:

  • Developing your Vision and Goals for the business
  • Developing a simple strategy for success
  • Creation and fine tuning of an early business plan
  • Advise on ownership and business structures
  • Finance and funding advice
  • All the practical considerations required to start up a new business
  • Ongoing Coaching, Mentoring and Training throughout your journey to owning a successful and growing business

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